Immersive experiences

Our Mission

Create the most memorable moments

Our goal is to create ever-lasting memories for you and your guests.

Immersive experiences

Your guests will leave reality at the door and immerse themselves into the world we have created for them.

Events around the world

We bring experience from hundreds of events in 19 countries.

A memorable show

A show so spectacular, you can see the excitement in your guests' eyes.

World-class talent

We deliver our selected talent to you, tailored to your needs.

Thank you for working with us to deliver every aspect of our event in such a professional way. It had such a great impact at extremely short notice from our side.

Duncan MacOwan

Our Services

For a successful event, all pieces need to fit together. Whether you want us to make them fit or you want us to be part of a bigger project, we know what to do.

Project Management

From the first draft to the closing of the venue: We've got it covered.

Show & Entertainment

Our performers will entertain your crowd, day and night.

Venue Dressing

From small details to changing a venue completely, no problem.

Marketing & Content Creation

We know how to sell thousands of tickets for your event on social media alone.

Ticketing and access control

With our ticketing partner, we make ticketing and access control easy.

On site production

We make sure your event runs smoothly with top notch security, crowd management, and show production.

Where we work

Talent pool

Tailored for your event
Each event has individual needs: e.g. stage vs immersive show, local vs international talent. We help you produce the perfect solution.

World-class talents
Each musician, performer, actor and other talents we list are carefully selected and reviewed by our talent acquisition team.

Live Bands

Welcome & Entrance

Mingling Performers

Are you an artist? - Apply now.

Vertical & Flying Dance

Mixed Acrobatic Duo

Fire Artists

Mixed Acrobatic Trio

Actors & Freakshow





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Acrobatic Duo

Sword Swallower


Hula Hoop


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About us

Memorable moments for your event

We are a team of young event professionals, who got addicted to creating magic for brands, clients, and most importantly the attendees. It is not only in the happiness of our guests, but also in the stories they tell even years after an event. Together, we aim to create this magic at every event - big or small - public or private.Few of us planned on working in the event industry, but we all got hooked for different reasons. As a result, we work with a diverse group of people and an even bigger network of partners. The passion for amazing events is what brings us together again and again.

About Party like Gatsby

With the event series Party like Gatsby, we take up the idea of a glamorous event in the Golden Twenties and turn it into reality.3 continents. 19 countries. More than 100.000 guests. Party like Gatsby combines show and party into a unique experience for you and your friends. Expect world-class circus performers, an extraordinary live-band and Gatsby's brilliant residence DJ. Joint on a mission to host you the most spectacular night out.

We have got you covered

We do not neglect the operational side. We are flexible, responsive, and responsible. Our services cover all important aspects of an event, including marketing, ticketing, licensing, photography, hiring, and many more. No need to look any further.Young, hungry, and determined. On our journey, we learned a lot and gained countless experiences. We have captured people's excitement on small events, filled bigger venues then we could ever dream, and we've never lost sight of the passion that drove us here. Most importantly, we never stopped having faith, persistence and passion.

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Talk to an event expert

We'll get back to you in 2-3 business days.

Talent pool & jobs

Create memorable moments

Our goal is to make our guests the most extraordinary day of the year. What's your role in that?

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